the founding face.

always looking for good coffee.

always looking for good coffee.

the way we name the things we see, use, create, try to understand, speak about, touch, or eat has meaning. This naming process has always been important to Camille, the french & irish entrepreneur at the head of the project in her attempts to grasp the world around her.

β€˜β€˜the seed of the idea for this agency took on many forms and each name i lighted upon never stuck, mainly because they just never felt right. 

for about 6 months, i put the project on hold in the waiting room for ideas of my mind. sometimes inspiration needs time to catch up with disruptive business concepts.

In January of this year, i was wandering the halls of one of Berkeley's campus' librairies - yeah, don't ask how i got there - armed with my semi-expired student access card, i was able to access the buildings of the university campus to aimlessly explore the halls all day as i waited for my friend to finish work.

so, i found myself wandering the post-modern, well-lit spaces of the Moffitt library on a normal wednesday afternoon. (continued below)


For a reason that will remain a mystery to me, the only book i happened to pull off the shelf was a beautifully stamped, cloth-bound collection of portraits of the pioneers of the gold rush, by frank h goodyear iii., embossed in tarnished gilded bronze, simply, inspiringly entitled:

Faces of The Frontier, 1867-1888.