faces of the frontier

when you need a friendly face or a helping hand

making sure your social media strategy aligns with your small business goals since 2016

The painter Corot once said, never lose the 1st impression that moved you.

Over here, trying to do just that and on instagram (at)facesofthefrontier.

i offer ethical digital pr & sustainable brand strategy coaching for entrepreneurs & SMEs in french/english.

based in Geneva/available world wide

to develop your actionable business strategy in the time in takes to have a coffee with a friend.

first audit session rates via Zoom.us starting from 255chf ☕✨

thank you for supporting small business.

here is a selection of

My Latest Work

Entrepreneurs in conversation with Victoria Sardain

Welcome to the first video installment of Entrepreneurs in conversation with #facesofthefrontier! This is the first part of our 45 minute interview with the wonderfully proactive talented digital creative and wellness consultant @VictoriaSardain, based in Lausanne and Berlin, who i met through instagram ! we spoke at length via zoom about how victoria got into freelancing andContinue reading “Entrepreneurs in conversation with Victoria Sardain”

what we can do for you

consulting & coaching for SMEs

we will help you fill new client demands to grow your business through our consulting, content creation and digital relaunch services. We will help you understand the local consumer context and brainstorm up new business opportunities within your budget.

we also offer retail space scouting, b2b network building and commercial opportunity consulting, thanks to our digital tool box and through the faces network of swiss and european contacts. we will help you develop your retail or commercial plans in the most efficient and advantageous way possible with all the offline and online tools at hand.

we help you plan, strategize, get inspired, get connected, develop and uplift your brand through photoshoot packages, inquire for your personal offer.

monthly coaching

contact us for a business consulting session where we will help you refresh your brand communication strategy through the art of design thinking..

as a branding-driven creative project developer, using digital communication tools, faces of the frontier can help you get recognized as a employable talent and help you strategize to launch your journey into the wonderful world of swiss entrepreneurship. 

brand management & talent recruitment

we specialize in digital communication coaching for entrepreneurs but we would be glad to help you with general concept and communication refreshing if you are a local business or a f&b entrepreneur.

we specialize in storytelling to make your brand beautiful, through creating visuals accompanied by considered creative copywriting. we can help you with creating content that reflects your brand values seamlessly and beautifully. we are all about delivering quality images and stories thanks to our contemporary creative direction and set styling.

we only work with creatives whose ethos is seasonally minded, sustainably considered and design thinking based. contact us for a consulting session where we will help you refresh your brand identity through the art of storytelling.

About the founder

Celebrating 3 years as a freelancer turned marketer turned creative entrepreneur and digital strategy consultant feels like a milestone. We may have worked together 2 years ago or last week, but still, thank you. It’s been wonderful to work with friends as we worked on projects we love. It’s amazing to bring value to the people I work with daily… to see the impact that good branding, strong talent and strategy can have on any entrepreneur’s journey. So grateful to get to do what I love everyday for the past 3 years. ✨Being your own boss and waking up to responsibilities isn’t always easy, and freelancing isn’t for everyone, but I’m so glad that I went from failed architecture student to now… 💛pitching projects, selling and coordinating my ideas and creating solutions to challenges that didn’t even exist 4 years ago! (at least not in Switzerland 😂#AlwaysLateForEverythingDigital) I could go on and on but all I can say is, thank you. 💙


digital marketing lead and community growth, brand ambassador program
digital PR & brand management

photography & monetization strategy coaching
community management teacher for masters students
Digital b2b/b2c strategy, PR, event design and promotion, content creation press trip, social media growth hacking
crowdfunding campaign consulting
ambassador and meet up organizer since 2017
crowdfunding campaign consulting
& visual content strategy

let’s be internet friends..

the basics..

chemin des vaulx, 14
geneva, 1227

get my latest free guide of tips to feed your social media strategy by emailing me and ask for the good stuff!

find me on social media..

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